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DPC’s mission is to press established and emerging democracies and transnational and international institutions to pursue policies based on liberal democratic values and principles within the scope of their international engagements and commitments. Through its research, analysis, advocacy and public engagement, DPC seeks to draw the attention of policymakers, legislators and civil society to encroachments on freedoms within the democratic framework.


Burying the Lede: The Priebe Report’s Surprisingly Clear Recommendation

The long-awaited “Experts’ Report on Rule of Law issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina” – in short, the so-called Priebe Report on BiH – dropped on December 5. In light of continued human suffering in Syria; impeachment news from the US; the ongoing self-inflicted wound of Brexit politics; migrants freezing in Bihac and[…]

The EU Must Shift Out of Neutral in Its Enlargement Strategy: Championing Liberal Values Means Choosing Sides

On October 17, 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron once again pre-empted the launch of European Union accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania, forestalling them until further notice. His move was only tenuously linked to the individual merits of either country. Its real rationale was evident at the time and came into…

They shouldn’t have to be heroes

A few days ago, on November 20, we were each sitting in the large main assembly hall in the Parliament building in Sarajevo. The EU had convened a meeting to discuss the rule of law and the judiciary in BiH. However, an observer who hadn’t seen the agenda would have been excused for thinking the topic of the event was corruption, as that was the topic on the minds of the participants for the bulk of the 5-hour event.

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1/ Recent comments by US Ambassador to #Bosnia and Herzegovina Murphy about #BiH state property – which belongs to the citizens of the country – are troubling and suggest a readiness to “gift” the country’s patrimony to the ruling parties.

1/ We welcome the use of the Bonn Powers by High Representative Christian Schmidt @ohr_bih in #Bosnia and Herzegovina to suspend Republika Srpska’s property law, which was a direct attack on the constitutional and the rule of law order enshrined in the Dayton accords.

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