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DPC’s mission is to press established and emerging democracies and transnational and international institutions to pursue policies based on liberal democratic values and principles within the scope of their international engagements and commitments. Through its research, analysis, advocacy and public engagement, DPC seeks to draw the attention of policymakers, legislators and civil society to encroachments on freedoms within the democratic framework.


Open Letter to EU, US, NATO

In this open letter, catalyzed by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia in cooperation with DPC and other organizations and individuals throughout the region, over 250 signatories call on EU, US and NATO representatives and their governments to confront the deterrence failure that has created an environment in[…]

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1/ The election law “reform” HR Schmidt and his allies had developed makes repeated reference to the 2013 census to determine electoral options (thread).

DPC’s latest blog explains why the deal that HiRep Schmidt is considering imposing is bad in terms of substance and process, will have implications beyond BiH, and is another sign of the reduction in democratic self-confidence in the EU and US.

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