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Flavors of Extremism

19 January 2018 — Democratization Policy Council

Watching the RS Day commemorations last week was troubling for many reasons. It was yet another snub at the rule of law or the notion that courts and the judiciary have any role at the state level. Dodik’s decision to in effect ban the BiH Armed Forces and highlight the entity police was brilliant, but not new – it was the culmination of years of effort by him to weaken state security while building up his own Praetorian guard.


Kurt Bassuener comments on Freedom House's Freedom in the World 2018, House of Lords International Relations Committee Report on 'The UK and the Future of the Western Balkans'

17 January 2018

In his VOA interview, Kurt Bassuener connects the negative cast of the 2018 Freedom in the World report with the tone set in the White House, terming US President Donald Trump “our first Balkan president,” noting the leadership style and methods employed are reminiscent of those used in the Balkans (and beyond).

Kurt Bassuener VOA interview - The US and the EU need to ally with BiH citizens, not their politicians

14 December 2017

In a VOA interview recorded on 2 December, Senior Associate Kurt Bassuener advocated – as he and DPC have consistently – that the US and the EU approach BiH citizens as a constituency, and that they create a more secure and conducive environment to enable BiH citizens to nonviolently confront their recalcitrant and corrupt political elites.

Restoring Deterrence to catalyze change: Kurt Bassuener VOA interview

30 November 2017

Senior Associate Kurt Bassuener was interviewed by VOA Bosnian Service journalist Inda Swanke for the daily “Studio Washington” program on the overall tenor of the Atlantic Council conference and attendant discussions, in which he actively participated.

Kurt Bassuener participates at Atlantic Council in Washington, DC

29 November 2017

DPC Senior Associate Kurt Bassuener was a vocal participant in the Atlantic Council’s November 29 conference “A Coming Storm? Shaping a Balkan Future in an Era of Uncertainty,” as well as the closed-door workshop the previous day.

From Discrimination to Inclusion and Equality in Education in BiH

30 May 2017

Valery Perry spoke at the conference, “From Discrimination to Inclusion and Equality in Education in BiH,” held on May 30, 2017 in Sarajevo. The conference, convened by Analitika, reviewed issues and challenges related to inclusion in education in the country, ranging from special needs education to the ethno-national and political divisions that continue to create an environment in which children largely study in schools that tailor to the dominant majority group in that area.

Valery Perry speaks at the Humanity in Action 'Breaking Boundaries' study trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina

29 May 2017

Senior Associate Valery Perry spoke to a group of participants in the Humanity in Action (HIA) “Breaking Boundaries” study trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina, being held from May 26 - June 25. Fifteen HIA fellows from seven countries are taking part in the program this year. Perry’s lecture was titled, “Navigating the Post-Dayton Conundrums.”

Wide media attention for DPC's new paper on the EU BiH initiative

11 April 2017

DPC’s new policy paper ‘Substantial Change on the Horizon? A Monitoring Report on the EU’s New Bosnia and Herzegovina Initiative,’ authored by Senior Associate Bodo Weber, with Senior Associate Valery Perry contributing, and supported by the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation in BiH, received wide media coverage in BiH, throughout the region and beyond.

Paper on BiH entities' labor laws

10 April 2017

Today, the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation’s office in BiH published the paper ‘The new labor legislation in BiH, EU reforms and the International Financial Institutions: overdue structural reforms or neoliberal reduction of labor rights?‘ authored by DPC Senior Associate Bodo Weber. The paper offers the first detailed analysis of the new, controversial entity labor laws adopted in 2015 as part of the Reform Agenda for BiH.