“Doing Democracy” at Home and Abroad: A Two-Way Street

DPC Policy Note #17


In the week after the January 6 mob attack on the US Capitol I reached out to seven American friends and colleagues who are in or have recently lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) doing various kinds of democracy, human rights, and development work over the past 25 years. I asked the following broad questions:

  • What were you thinking while watching the events unfold on January 6?
  • Based on your experience in democracy promotion abroad, what do you think is needed in the US to move forward?
  • What do you think US democratization policy and support – globally – should look like moving forward?

Our one-on-one conversations included a number of themes summarized below, and together offer food for thought on reconstituting democratic practices, institutions, and norms in the US, and also on US democratization policy abroad.

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