DPC Associate Bodo Weber keynote speaker at Copenhagen Dayton conference

DPC Senior Associate Bodo Weber was invited to deliver the keynote at “War in a Europe of Peace – Conference on the occasion of 20 years of the Dayton agreement,” that took place in Copenhagen on November 13, 2015.

The conference was organized by two Danish foreign policy magazines, Magasinet rÆST and Magasinet EUROPA, in cooperation with BalkanGruppenEUtropolis, SILBA and EUROPA neavnet. It took place at Copenhagen University and included, among others, Danish historian Christian Axboe Nielsen, Danish Bosnian writer Alen Mešković, former Danish Interior Minister Birte Weiss, EU Delegation to BIH Political Advisor Ole Hammer, former Executive Director of the European Policy Center (EPC) Hans Martens, and former ICTY judge Frederik Harhoff as panelists.

In his keynote speech, Bodo Weber explained the causes and consequences of the West’s failed transition from a postwar interventionist policy approach employing the Dayton instruments, declaring that the EU’s Bosnia initiative is a continuation of the lack of political will that led to this failure.