DPC at ‘Dayton Peace Accords at 20’ in Ohio

Organized by the University of Dayton and the City of Dayton, the “Dayton Peace Accords at 20” conference had both a retrospective element, delivered by many who participated in the 1995 talks, and a focus on the present and future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Former President Bill Clinton was a keynote speaker on November 19. DPC Senior Associates Bodo Weber and Valery Perry moderated panels – “What is the US Role in Bosnia and Herzegovina Today, and How Can the US be More Effective?” and “Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Political, Social and Economic Future: Prediction for the Dayton Peace Accords’ 30th Anniversary,” respectively.

DPC Senior Associate Kurt Bassuener was the final speaker on the conference’s last panel, “What is the Way Forward for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Integration into Euro-Atlantic Structures?” Find his speaking notes here.

In addition, Senior Associate Kurt Bassuener addressed the Dayton Rotary Club on December 16 – his speaking notes are linked here.

Senior Associate Valery Perry also took the occasion to conduct interviews for her film project “Looking for Dayton”, with two colleagues, Pavle Fukarek and Erol Gagula speaking on the citizens’ perspective of post-Dayton Bosnia in a panel moderated by Senada Šelo-Šabić.

To watch the full video recording of Day 1 of the conference, click here, in order to watch Day 2, click here.