DPC Russia paper attracts wide public attention

DPC’s Policy Paper “The Western Balkans and the Ukraine crisis – a changed game for EU and US policies” attracted considerable public attention in the region.

Sarajevo daily Oslobođenje and weekly BH Dani reported on the paper upon its publication in early September:

On September 11, one of the authors, DPC’s Senior Associate Bodo Weber, gave a radio interview for Radio Free Europe’s Serbian program that focused on one of the paper’s findings, as reported to DPC by Western diplomats – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik’s failed attempt to gain Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić’s support for concrete actions toward RS secession in the aftermath of Russia annexation of Crimea:

The interview attracted wide coverage by media in Serbia, the RS, and the wider region. Coverage continued following RS President Dodik’s reaction to the media reporting on DPC’s paper. See for the Dodik interview and a selection of media reports:

DPC Associate Bodo Weber was asked to comment on the Dodik interview by Belgrade daily Danas:

He gave a couple of additional interviews, among others for Jutarnji List (Zagreb) and Face TV (Sarajevo):

and was invited to the RFE radio show Radio Most for a discussion with the Balkan Group’s Marko Prelec on Russia’s role in the Western Balkans: