Public discussion of new Beqe Cufaj novel, projekt@party

Senior Associate Bodo Weber moderated public discussion and presentation of novel on UN-administration-led statebuilding in Kosovo, Berlin September 27, 2012

Berlin-based DPC Senior Associate Bodo Weber moderated a public event organized on the occasion of the German language publication of the new novel projekt@party by Beqe Cufaj, the German-based Kosovo Aalbanian author. Though a work of fiction, project@party is a critical account of Kosovo’s era of international administration under UNMIK, as well as more generally of international policy of statebuilding. Cufaj discussed Kosovo’s UNMIK experience as well as current political developments and challenges after the end of Kosovo’s “supervised independence” on September 10 this year. Other speakers at the event included Joachim Ruecker, former head of UNMIK, and Bundestag member Michael Brand (CDU). The event was co-organized by the publishing house Secession and the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Berlin.