28 Years After Dayton, and Still Waiting for a Social Contract

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1/November 21 marks yet another anniversary of the initialing in Dayton, Ohio, of the General Framework Agreement for Peace that ended the war in BiH.

2/The agreement was successful in ending the violence, and for over a decade enabled real forward progress; however, obstruction by local nationalist elites together with international acquiescence to the spoilers since stopped the reform.

3/Dayton’s weaknesses are most strikingly evident in Annex 4, the BiH State constitution, as has been confirmed through a series of ECtHR court decisions that remain unimplemented; Citizens and Others, while mentioned in the Constitution, have been systematically ignored

4/To move beyond Dayton and towards full realization of the promise it once held requires, there needs to be a shift in the power dynamic – away from elites who don’t want democratic accountability…..

5/…and towards citizens who overwhelmingly desire a society based on a social contract that enables accountability, functionality, and far less corruption and self-dealing.

6/For a reminder of the relationship between Dayton, Ohio and BiH, see Valery Perry’s film, Looking for Dayton.