Another Missed Opportunity: von der Leyen’s Sarajevo Visit

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1/ @EUCommission President @vonderleyen visited Sarajevo today for meetings with #Bosnia and Herzegovina #BiH officials – and there was no public word about opening membership talks with the country.


2/ @DPC_global have stated that the EU’s tendency to reward stagnation, regression, or Potemkin reforms has been counterproductive for BiH since this trend began with the SAA initialing 16 yrs ago. EU has fed into BiH’s regression with this posture, and damaged its credibility

3/ So much more might have been achieved w/ a consistent message to citizens along these lines: “The door is open for BiH once standards are met. Until they are, the EU will back maintenance and enforcement of the Dayton rules, which are evidently part of the problem…

4/ …But let’s be clear – Dayton BiH can’t join our ranks. You need a new operating system accountable to you,  with clear lines of accountability. Your politicians clearly prefer the perquisites of unaccountable power to reform. The EU will assist in the development…

5/ …of that social contract – which you need for yourselves, as well as if you want to join the Union. Until then, we stand resolute to ensure the security of BiH citizens throughout the country, maintaining the tools (EUFOR & OHR) required to do so.”

6/ The Union could still do this now – and it should do so. President von der Leyen missed that opportunity today. But on her flight home, as she reflects on her regional tour, she ought to conclude that a new policy approach – not just resources – is overdue.